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Pollokshaws Heritage Group
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Pollokshaws Heritage Group
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The Group was founded in 1997 and meet Mondays
between 12 & 1 pm in the Pollokshaws Parish Church Hall.
We are devoted to the history, Past, Present and Future of the Pollokshaws area and have developed this web site to allow you to peer into what has made Pollokshaws a great place to live.

Pollokshaws Parish Church is located at 233 Shawbridge Street, Pollokshaws, Glasgow. G43 1QN

If you require any further information, please head over to the Contact the Group Page, leave a message and we will be in touch as soon as possible.
Much of the source material for this site is taken from the  book "Pollokshaws - Village & Burgh", 1600 to 1912 by Andrew  McCallum, 1925.

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A comment  in the Introduction of the book "Bygone Pollokshaws Book II" written by a former group member gives a taste of the passion that the Heritage Group has for Pollokshaws.
"One of my earliest memories is of at around the age of three, sitting on he work-top with my feet in a basin of water, being washed before going to bed in the dark of a winter evening. Quite clear is the recollection of looking out past the side of the blind into the dim gas-lit street, and seeing the many illuminated windows of the houses in the building opposite.

Domestic gaslight was at a lower level than electric lighting, and at this time all windows had blinds of beige paper or fabric. This meant that the silhouette of anyone working at their sink or drainer was thrown onto the blind, making them visible from outside.

Frequent movements were to be seen of people busy with one of the never-ending household chores like preparing a meal, washing dishes, a man just in from work stropping an open razor then shaving and washing himself, or a woman doing a washing and using a scrubbing board.In those days domestic chores took up far more time than they do today.

A popular song of the period heard frequently on the wireless was: ‘Just a song at twilight, When the lights are low, As the flickering shadows, Softly come and go’.   These words from Love’s Old Sweet Song are indelibly imprinted in my memory.    They appeared to my very young perception to have been specially made up to   describe that vision for me. It was the first of many occasions when a piece   of music has become associated with an event or an experience".
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Pollokshaws Heritage Trail

The Map below of the Pollokshaws Heritage Trail, includes Place Markers and Images, sadly the associated YouTube Video Clips no longer work, with the exception of the one at the Pollokshaws Methodist Church. We have to assume the others have been deleted.

Grateful thanks to Mr Tim Cullen ICT Studios for providing this feature.

The Picture Gallery below is a sample of "A Walk in The Shaws" is taken from te book Bygone Pollokshaws.

The full gallery and text can be viewed under the Picture Galleries button above.

We have over six hundred photographs in total plus other material that we intend displaying here  in the future.
The Old Toll House

Below is a flavour of how Pollokshaws has changed over time.

The Round Toll circa 1910, and how it appears today as a landmark at the Nether Auldhouse Road Roundabout.

Use the Slider to change from one view to the other.


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