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Pollokshaws Future

Pollokshaws of the future will become more residential.Futuristic Round Toll

 Private sector housing will be very much in evidence no doubt  partly due to the proximity of three railway stations with a ten minute journey to the City.

Four tall multi-story blocks of flats are to be demolished, this will go some way to changing the face of Pollokshaws.
 A Pollokshaws Regeneration body has been formed and future decisions  and planning for projects will come through their meetings. We are  pleased to announce that members of the Pollokshaws Heritage Group are  involved and hold office in this body.
Positive Changes
 A new state of the art play area is soon to be opened in Poloc Park.  This facility, it is hoped, will encourage people to use this  magnificent park and make them aware of what is available on their  doorsteps.

Ideally a new leisure centre on the same lines as Bellahouston Park would be welcome.

 A running track is to be introduced to the Nether Poloc Sports Ground  with the present showers and changing facilities to be extended.

 Flower tubs and containers as well as hanging baskets would be welcome,  nearby Thornliebank has used this to good effect, the Parks Department  should have no problem furnishing the materials for them.

 The demolition of the Arcade, now an eyesore, could be demolished are  replaced by a unit at the behest of Pollokshaws Regeneration.

 The Boy’s Brigade, Scouts and Girl Guides organisations etc. might  target youth through schools to encourage bonding and healthy pursuits  and occupy the minds instead of the usual tedium.

In future if the “Litter Law” is implemented we would hope to have a much cleaner Pollokshaws.

 A plan for the future re-sighting of the John McLean Memorial  Stone is being pursued by the Pollokshaws Heritage Group. The  Church Bell from Auldfield Parish Church, now in Springburn  Park is also being looked into with a view having it returned, both of these hopefully will be sighted at the forecourt of the Burgh Hall.
What’s Next
The next 50 years no doubt will see many changes for the good,  let us hope. At the end of the day there are things we hope will  not change, the joy of walking in a wood full of Bluebells in Poloc Park and the friendly spirit of the “Queer Folk”.
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