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Pollokshaws Since the 1960's

Picture Galleries
Pollokshaws since the 1960's
This last Gallery is 108 images of Pollokshaws and contains an amazing history of the Pollokshaws area since the 1960's in full colour.

The views are in four sections. The first 81 slides, dating from 1961/2, contain more than three-quarters of the total, and are arranged in an order of progression round Pollokshaws starting at Haggs Road. Of the rest, four show buildings being demolished up to 1964, two are of scenes which survive, and the remainder are post-1964 views of the multi-storey flats going up and slides taken from them.

Click on the Thumbnail’s below and use the Arrow Buttons to move between images. Move the mouse cursor off the image to see the text.
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