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Ian Cameron
12 Mar 2023
Lived in riverford road from
1948 till 1962. I went to wee pollok then sir jakes. Happy days

herford road
10 Feb 2022
I have been looking at this website for years, and the information it provides about Pollokshaws is brilliant, especially the Picture Galleries, oh how this area has changed over the years.
Lynn Arbuckle
17 Aug 2017
I love this WEB site.
I have a 3rd Great Grandfather that was born in Pollokshaws on 4 Oct 1791. He is listed as being a Hand Loom Weaver.
I am trying to find more information about the family.
I read somewhere there was an Arbuckle Mill in Pollokshaws. Is there any information about them in the book "Pollokshaws, Village and Burgh". Is there an online copy of the book that I could look in to see if I could find anything?
Libby Hunter
17 Aug 2017
I have just noticed that in my grandparent's wedding reported in The Scots Pictorial of April 20 1918, the bride was the only daughter of ex-Provost Robert Wilson JP of Pollokshaws! I never met this granny as she died when my dad was a young child, but this is the first I have known of my link to the west.
21 Jul 2017
Found my paternal great-grandparents' passport and they were both born in Pollokshaws. My paternal grandparents lived in Cathcart but moved back to Pollokshaws when I was young (I remember visiting Pollok house!). My parents were from Cathcart area and I lived on Craigie St. when I was born before we moved to Canada.
Last name was Blakely.
20 Apr 2017
I was born in 1953 at 8 Auldhouse Ave, and lived there until I was 8 years old. I remember going to Greenview Hall Sunday school. My families were shaws people, McCrackens and Drummonds.
Patricia Tennent
14 Jan 2017
What a wonderful website this is, so much information! Thank you George and Nicola for replying to my email in regard to my ancestors, the Drains, and to George in particular who identified that the Drains lived at Skin Mill Yard and not Skinmellyarce!!!
Marilyn Sliva
12 Feb 2016
I recently found that my 3x ggrandparents (Joseph McConville & Mary Hurles nee Steele) were married in 1865 at St. Mary Immaculate Church and their residence was Main Street, Pollakshaws, so I'm very anxious to look at your website & see the area. I'm going to Ireland in September (where they were born) and hope to also spend a few days in Lanarkshire to visit the places where they lived. His parents were Peter McConville & Bridget McLean and her's were William Steele & Josephy Irvine (at least that's what it looks like on their marriage certificate).
Anne Fiona
23 Oct 2015
I just found this web site, how nice! My granda lived there in 1898 until his death in 1955 and my dad was born and raised there in 1915 till he died in 2007. The lived on Duncan St, Rosendale Rd (during the war and my mum was a lamp lighter)Coustenholm Rd then at the end my dad lived in the Birness Dr flats. I have many oldphotos and super 8 movies that my dad took many years ago before all the different high flats were built, I myself was born in Arden which is only a few miles away but I now live in Florida but I get home every chance I can! I will have to come back to this site again to read some of the stories.
Moira Mclean
10 Aug 2015
Loved looking at your photographs etc. I was brought up in RIverford Rd in the 60,s. I remember. Shopping with my mum at Chrissie MC Clurgs fishmongers,Dougies,Donald Miller's and Moiras haberdashary.I also remember a bakery at the bottom of Riverford RD where we had rolls hot out of the oven,the smell was amazing.Everyone knew each other in the old Shaws,no mischief went unnoticed or reported back to your parents. We played in Auldhouse park,tennis,putting and watched dad playing bowls.My grandmother lived 2floors above us at 104 and from her window she kept an eye on us in the front of the park.Happy days.
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